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Sustainable apparel for the passionate adventurer.

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Our Collective Responsibility

As a group of adventurers, we realise how wondrous and unique our planet is. So, we want to minimise our negative impact and increase our positive impact by the materials we use and where we contribute our money. 

Giving back

Like last year, this year we are contributing part of our profits to reforesting previously deforested areas. We want to help offset CO2 emissions and restore crucial, natural habitats.

Making actions like this gives us hope that our future generations will be able to adventure this beautiful planet too.

Read more about our friends at communitycarbontrees.org 

Quick Dry collection:

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Organic Cotton

Check out the soft/not so basic Manoa Tee

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Explore our Premium Travel Tote made from Canvas with EXTRA THICK straps for comfort

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The Spring kit

Enjoy 30% off when you order at 2 or more pieces from the Spring Kit selection by Earth Day 4/22 Just use the discount code: SPRINGKIT at checkout!

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