Jill and Bird is a lifestyle brand born from endless adventures, creative personalities and an appreciation for all that is good on this planet. 

            We believe in clothes that don't let you compromise the explorer in you. Playful, comfy and made from sustainable materials, Jill and Bird allows the curious kid inside you to live it up. 

           Because this brand is so inspired by our incredible planet, 10% of the sales profit each year will go towards environmental causes and the people trying to make a positive impact.

           At the moment, we are proud to be raising money for Community Carbon Trees.  They work with the local community, employing locals to plant native trees in deforested zones in Costa Rica. How cool is that?

           Community Carbon Trees has not only helped build up the local community but they are directly trying to help reduce carbon emissions by planting trees in deforested areas.

           Because Costa Rica is so close to the equator, these trees don't go through a hibernation stage. This means that these trees offset CO2 emissions 365 days a year!

This also means that millions of different species of life are able to take back their natural habitats!

So when you are smiling while wearing our clothes, another little critter is smiling in his new home in the forest. 





If you have any inquiries or constructive suggestions please email Jillian@jillandbird.com